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Jingmai Miyun

Spring 2016, older natural tea gardens, 357g cakes

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We made these teas from partly forested natural tea gardens mostly located in the vicinity of the Jingmai ancient tea gardens. The tea trees were planted 40 to 50 years ago. No chemical fertilizers have been used since 2010. These gardens benefit a lot from the forest cover, shade regulates growths and enriches biodiversity, the falling leaves enrich the soil organic matter and bring nutrients.

The leaves were fried by hand in a wok instead of the usual sha qing machine used widely in Jingmai. This gives more control over processing and allowed us to get a more fragrant, full-bodied and long brewing tea. It was processed slightly green: this year, we tried to give a stronger sha qing.

It can be brewed over ten times, with a sweet finish. We made 150kg of this tea in our workshop on Jingmai mountain.