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Jingmai Autumn Gushu

Autumn 2016, Ancient Tea Gardens, 100g and 357g cakes

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Autumn 2016 was a good season in Jingmai, we processed a small quantity of ancient tea garden leaves in our factory. This year, we released our cakes in two sizes: 100g and 357g.


We processed this tea in October, at the end of the season for the old tea trees. The fresh leaves were more mature than what we can get in Spring, which translates into more yellow flakes in the processed tea (Mao Cha). We sorted out the largest yellow flakes but some of them still remain in the pressed tea cakes. This tends to mellow out the taste.


This tea offers a good balance between the unique fragrance of autumn tea and the pleasant mouth and body feeling of old-growth tea. The Huigan comes early in the session and a lingering sweetness builds up in the back of the mouth steeping after steeping. We usually brew this tea up to ten times, which is very decent for an autumn tea. Hope you will like it!