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2014 Spring Xiao Hu Sai Single Trees Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

Produced by Hui Rui Lan Xin Tea Company in Xiao Hu Sai village, Mengku area, Lincang County.

357g pu-erh tea cake.

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Made in the Lahu village called Xiao Hu Sai 小户赛, this pu-erh tea is among the best of what mengku can offer. Xiao Hu Sai is located on the western mountain range of Mengku area: Xi Ban Shan 西半山. This famous village is the lao banzhang of Mengku, it provides very high quality leaves and, unlike Bingdao, it has a lot of ancient tea gardens. This is the second most pricey tea of the mengku area. Moreover, only the oldest trees were picked to make these cakes, which give its name yi ke shu 一棵树, one single tree.







The leaves were processed rather red, which means the fragrance is more fruity and the tea soup thicker. The brewed tea features a golden orange color and is very clear. The fragrance is complex and fruity, not like the usual green processed mengku. But what really makes the difference in this pu-erh tea is the fresh mouthfeeling, intense Huigan and powerful Chaqi. This tea will make you sweat by its power in the mouth despite its low bitterness. In this aspect, it reminds some Yiwu tea which are not bitter nor astringent but deliver a lot of Chaqi in a sweet liquor.





We are very happy to have this tea on bannacha and we hope it will give you a lot of satisfaction!