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Da Xue Shan Pu-erh Tea

2014 Spring        

Ancient Tea Gardens

357g Pu-erh Cake

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This pu-erh tea comes from one of the highest tea growing areas in Yunnan. Mengku Da Xue Shan (the Big Snow Mountain), which peaks at 3233m. Tea grows at altitudes up to 2700m. The material used to press this cakes was all harvested above 2200m.


While mengku Da Xue Shan is famous for its wild tea trees, this tea is made of cultivated ancient trees, from the assamica varietal.


The tea is processed rather green but the leaves are not overfried. It is very fragrant, has some bitterness and a very fast huigan. The Cha Qi makes you feel good and you can brew this tea over a dozen times. A tea that will fit those who like good aroma while having also a good mouthfeeling.