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Jingmai Pu-erh Tea

Spring 2014            

357g Pu-erh Cake    

Ancient Tea Gardens

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Processed by Yubai in Jingmai mountain, this Pu-erh tea comes from Jingmai Da Zhai (Jingmai main village). It was processed perfectly halfway between green and red, which gives it a golden yellow soup and a fine honey fragrance.


The leaves used to make this cake come from Da Ping Zhang, the main ancient tea garden of Jingmai mountain that lays on a large plateau on top of the mountain. This field was established about 1800 years ago when the first Bulang and Dai tribes settled in the area. On average, the tea trees are 200 years old, but some can be over 500 years old! The tea trees grow under a forest cover which is very useful to create a sustainable organic system. The big trees pump nutrients from the bottom layers of the soil and redistribute them to the trees through their falling leaves. Hence this garden doesn't require human fertilization. The rich biodiversity prevents severe pest attacks. Everywhere in this ancient tea garden, spiders weave nets between the trees and intercept most of the pest that would otherwise damage the tea leaves. No pesticide or chemical fertilizer is used in this field.


Young and old trees were picked together to make this harmonious pu-erh tea which has a good balance between fragrance and mouthfeeling. The Huigan seizes the throat after a few cups. This pu-erh tea is very brewable, you can make ten to fifteen infusions easily.