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Jingmai Shengtai Pu-erh Tea

2014 Spring            

Natural Tea Gardens

200g Pu-erh Cake

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Jingmai Mountain is famous for having the largest ancient tea gardens in the world, but most of its tea output comes from natural tea gardens. These gardens are cultivated more ecologically than conventional tea plantations, promoting biodiversity. The trees have more space which allows them to grow a bigger root network and limits the transmission of pest and disease. Spiders like to weave their nets in the shady part of the trees, they protect the tender leaves from unwanted herbivorous insects. The trees are less frequently pruned than in usual plantations, which allows them to grow taller and also to develop deeper roots. Some shade trees are being planted. In a couple of years, they will provide a lot of ecological services to the gardens. 

The ultimate goal of these gardens is to produce a pu-erh tea as good as the one that comes from the ancient tea gardens of Jingmai. This objective might be achieved in the long run, decades and decades from now. Waiting for this time, the natural tea gardens provide decent  leaves for everyday drinking with the typical Jingmai aroma (but less complexity than what can be found in old-growth tea) and a good mouthfeeling. 

This pu-erh tea fits perfectly to brew in a glass for casual tea drinking or in a Gaiwan for a more focused session.