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Jingmai Gushu Pu-erh tea

Spring 2015

Ancient Tea Gardens

357g Pu-erh Tea Cake

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The Spring 2015 edition of our Jingmai gushu will bring you to heaven. Made from the ancient tea garden leaves of Jingmai mountain, this tea was processed by Yubai and her family. It is slightly green, which reveals flowery and honey-like fragrance, some bitterness and a buttery tea soup. This Pu-erh tea gives a good feeling to the body and a lot of sweetness in the throat.

This year, Yubai started her own brand: Jing Yu Tian Xiang (景域天香). With nice wrapper designs and high quality leaves, she feels committed to offer affordable Jingmai tea to the Chinese and foreign tea amateurs.

The ancient tea gardens of Jingmai have been cultivated with organic methods for 1800 years. They might become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of those gardens grow in a forest, on the plateau of Jingmai mountain, at an elevation of 1600m. Thanks to the active ecological processes that happen in such forest, the gardens don’t require artificial fertilization. The spiders and other natural predators hiding in the trees keep the pest to tolerable levels; this is why the tea gardens don’t need pesticides. Small cows and chicken can be seen here and there, eating weed and insects. This is a model of sustainable agriculture.